Unfuckable B92 VIP

“It's very difficult to deal with a person who thinks he's the centre of the universe one minute and the next minute everybody's out to get him.”

"Čak ni Čak ne zna ko je Anfak!" (Alava)
"Redovno deluješ prilično napuvano, bez nekog osobitog razloga" (Drago Kovačević)
"Unfuckable? Savršena budala." (Unfuckable)

Redovno delujem.
Kicking up a storm,
From the day that I was born,
Sing a song to me,
One from Let It Be,
Open up your eyes get a grip on yourself inside

Come along nice, come along dead
Scorpio rising, and paint it red.


Datum rоđenja:  21.11.1964 Pol:  Muški Član od:  10.02.2007 VIP izbora:  237 RSS RSS Feed