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"M'illumino d'immenso." (Giuseppe Ungaretti)
Although the act of being Self-Encyclopedic should perhaps be banned by law and punishable by summary revocation of all the perpetrators' mirrors, here is my entry:

Chris Farmer, (n. shortened from Christen Bradley Farmer, see also CBF). Born and raised in Iowa, USA, 1965. Arrived in Serbia in 2002 by commodius vicus of recirculation through Saudi Arabia (1978), Italy (1980), Paris (1986), London (1991), Munich (1993), and Italy (1997).

Aside from this blog, Christen Bradley Farmer has been a regular columnist/blogger in Politika, Belgrade Insight, Blic Zena, and other publications in Serbia.

His first book, Grumpy in Belgrade, was published in November 2014, by Komshe. The second book, Grumpy in Belgrade: The Prehistory came out in December 2015.

Chris Farmer is the founder and director of notapipe | brand consulting.
Follow on Chris Farmer on Twitter: CBF_chrisfarmer
Or visit his blog website The Standard Deviation.

Chris Farmer

Chris Farmer
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