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      The Monster who once lived faraway, woke up from having a bad dream: somebody insignificant dared to hurt his pinky, the pride and joy of his left foot. The dream unfolded realistic feelings in a poor Monster’s heart, and he decided to strike someone, for the sake of it. Just like that, out of nowhere as it usually happens in the story, a big, brown  mound surfaced in front of  tired Monster’s eyes.  “What is it,” shouted our beast  and immediately decided to strike, just like that, for the sake of it, because he felt like it.
      The Earth shook, all the trees in the  forests bent out of shape  and the mountains crumbled into tiny pieces. While all of this loud noise was going on, the inferior ants emerged from under the muddy soil. They all marched in teeny black lines creating an unusual scene. These minute living things courageously continued on covering the land around the confused Monster who was losing his balance while standing on one foot. The brute’s left little toe was experiencing an excruciating pain. A poor clumsy beast couldn’t stop the aggressive insects’ from advancing.  
       Pretty soon, there was no visible land. It all moved as if given the breath of different life between the beast’s overburdened toes. The confusion of the moment  shook the brute’s never before challenged intelligence and he
 realized that it was no longer a bad dream, but a clear and present danger. He was no longer alone. “How can I walk all over this land without smashing and destroying obstacles? Couldn’t I just walk gently around them? Wow! I am so big and helpless! “
The persistent ants continued on working, wandering around the brute’s hurt toe, the pride and joy of his left foot.  
        There were two options left: The Monster was able to coexist with the much smaller creatures, or stomp all over them with his badly damaged feet. He decided to let the life take its course and shortly after lost his balance completely falling down while stretching for miles all over the land.  I don’t know if he died, or just lay dormant, but from the distance it all looked fantastic. The ants no longer looked alive either. They turned into something thick and black that appeared like a silk blanket of some sort, a shroud for the dead tired Monster who, from the distance, looked like an inseparable part of the rocky ambience.

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