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Grumpy in Belgrade: The Prehistory

Chris Farmer RSS / 12.12.2015. u 15:14

The past is in the future.

On December 23rd, my latest book, Grumpy in Belgrade: The Prehistory, will hit bookstores all across Belgrade. Impact craters from the collision are expected to form along Knez Mihailova. Please alter your routes accordingly.

The new book, which exists now in the future, is all about the past - the prehistory of my Serbian sojourn. The pieces collected in the new volume of grumpiness were written between 2002 and 2006 - just before I began posting them here on B92.

In it, you will encounter my observations about toilet paper names, about store hours, and about the strangeness that surrounded the changing face of the country in the early days of the post-Milosevic transition - a time when the country did not even know its own name.

Imagine, then, a foreigner debarking in Belgrade and trying to make some kind of sense out of what he saw. A world on its head as seen reflected in a distorted mirror - viewed someone else's glasses.

If you saw the first book, Grumpy in Belgrade, published last year, you may be prepared for what is coming. Otherwise, read slowly and at longish intervals.

Just to mitigate any psychotropic effects.



Grumpy in Belgrade: The Prehistory 

Foreword by Mark E. Taylor 

Published by KOMSHE DOO 


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feliks.krul feliks.krul 20:28 12.12.2015


So Who IS grumpy!?
tasadebeli tasadebeli 22:27 13.12.2015

"The past is in the future."

And vice versa.

Belgrade is shabby.

Go and be grumpy somewhere else in Serbia.

Just to mitigate any psychotropic effects.



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